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Le Web, the biggest conference for European startups, passed and unfortunately what were all in media not about startups but about how different between American, Silicon Valley-based startups and the European counterparts stirring up first by Guardian’s Paul Carr then by TechCrunch’s Mike Arrington.

Credit: Edicy's Blog

Credit: Edicy Blog

It came to my notice today a blog post by Tõnu Runne, CEO and co-founder of Edicy – a web service that allows you to create websites on fly like services from SynthaSite and WebNode I’d covered months ago.

Yes Tõnu, all the noises around the event will soon fade out (better than nothing anyway, I suppose) but the startups will still be there grappling with the bad economic weather — a few may survive yet most will die no matter how much time they spend for lunch or for work. But that won’t prevent them from starting other startups here or overseas, I can be sure.

Edicy, an Estonia-based statup selected for Le Web finals, was launched by the end of July and up till now users has created 27,706 sites using its service according to the counter published on its website.

Here are some key features, according to Thibaud Imbert, Edicy’s personnel.

User-friendly interface : Ease of use by drag and drop interface.

Designs : Tens of ready designs, more launching all the time.

Customer Support : Online support via Skype chat.

Medias : Add media like video and music on your website. Upload several files at once.

Carefree on-site editing : Every change of every page is always automatically saved.

SEO friendliness : Page based keywords – add words describing each page so that search engines know where to look for your content.

Download your site : Download your site to publish it anywhere you want – it could be another hosting company, your own private server or maybe you just want to have a personal back-up of your site.

Multilanguage environnement to web editing package.

Available in several languages: English, Chinese, Russian, Estonian, French, Icelandic, Portuguese, German…

Custom domains : Edicy Pro lets you publish your site built with Edicy to any web address. There are no limits, both international (www.myname.com) or local (www.myname.de or .fr / .cn / .co.uk etc) addresses are welcome.

You can simply enter your email address and start creating your site right away. The service provides a very easy-to-start interface for anyone with a little or no experience on HTML to create (simple) websites basically via point-n-edit, drag-n-drop features.

Comparing to WebNode, it seems more lightweight and easier to start. I like the built-in multilanguage and blog features that enable users to create professional websites as long as they spend enough time on customizing provided themes.

Start creating your website here and the below picture is my (fake) blog on preview ;)

If you successfully create a website on Edicy, please share your experience here. Thank you.

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