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It’s a bit late for me to get the Website Magazine, May-2008 issue – one of the mags I recommend for bloggers, SEO experts and anyone who owns a website. In this issue, I found several interesting articles and here are brief intro and comments on them.

1. The Semantic Web (Web 3.0)


A Semantic Search Engine (Source: Website Magazine, May 2008 – All rights reserved)

This article begins with very evocative introduction of the word “semantic” (but I’m not quite sure that the term of “semantic web” should coincide with “web 3.0″?) The article continues by describing how hard you find for specific info using current search engines and how “semantic web” would relieve the pain.

Personally, I think the semantic web will not be the next web revolution but just an improvement of current web. People are lazy and the semantic web seems too complicated for average man (or woman) to implement properly even with some tools introduced in the article.

2. The First 10 Seconds


Website Wireframe Example (Source: Website Magazine, May 2008 – All rights reserved)

Those who seriously care about web design must know what “the first 10 seconds” concept means. Yes, it’s about the first impression of a website and it’s very important. Design concepts and (brief) guides for good design are summarized in this article, a must-read for web designers, I suppose.

3. SEO Corner: Anatomy of Link Request

This article tries to have a brief of link-baiting and value of incoming links in modern web — short but useful article for SEO specialists.

4. Effective Press Release

It’s about reasons to write a press release and how to write and distribute it effectively.

5. Mobile Web


Mobile Web (Source: Website Magazine, May 2008 – All rights reserved)

Is anyone here viewing this article from a mobile phone? If so, is it an iPhone? Clearly the mobile web is growing into everyday utility but is it a viable business opportunity? Should you build a specific version of your website for iPhone? Just find answers in this issue.

Please register, view or download Website Magazine (link below). Find more about the mag in another article of mine.

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  • Yesterday, I subscribed to Website Magazine – a magazine which covers a variety of categories of web business from website management, online advertisement, SEO to web design and development. This magazine is an excellent source for people who are interested in doing business on the net of any kind.

    I’m very fond of the digital edition of the magazine powered by NXTBook, a Flash-based book reader from Nxtbook Media; and because Flash plugin is installed in… Read more »

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  • You will not see “Hello World” example in David Geary’s book, Google Web Toolkit Solutions: More Cool & Useful Stuff, because it’s not a book for newbies. Instead, the authors tell very clearly in the opening of the book that their target is to put GWT developers into the fast lane with practical, non-contrived solutions — not to help people brand new to GWT get started.

    Experienced programmer (not necessary being experienced in AJAX programming), who want… Read more »

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  • Now Come “The Rails Way”

    Long awaited book stating itself as the “expert guide to building Ruby on Rails applications” has finally come.

    This book will help you:

    • Increase your productivity as a web developer
    • Realize the overall joy of programming with Ruby on Rails
    • Learn what’s new in Rails 2.0
    • Drive design and protect long-term maintainability with TestUnit and RSpec
    • Understand and manage complex program flow in Rails controllers
    • Leverage Rails’

    Read more »

    Tim O’Reilly opines on notable tech books from 2007 — just have a quick look on his list.

    1. Mac OS X Leopard: The Missing Manual: this book sold out of its 50,000 copy first printing in a few of days. In the fourth quarter of 2007, the total size of the market for books on Mac operating systems was about 60% the size of the market for books on Windows. Mac is hyped again!
    2. iPhone:

    Read more »

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