Doodle, a Zurich based web service like Wuala, helps you to find suitable dates for group events, like a meeting, a conference call, a reunion, etc — a simple idea that works fine.

Using the service is deadly easy: you’ll have two options to create a date-time or text poll (of course, you’ll need to register and activate your account but it should take less than one minute). The first poll type is extremely useful and most used (I guess) while the later can be used to vote for something within a group.

You can create a date-time poll and select day range in which the event should occur.

Then define time range in slots, a bit tedious task to type times but you have option to copy the first row to ones below.

After the poll is created the poll URL will be emailed to you then you can forward it to all participants to collect date/time they are available for the event. Here is an example after all members have voted for times:

It’s obvious that the event should be held at 9:00 AM on November 4 — simple and useful, right? Hope you’ll use it to arrange the next reunion with school mates.

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