I’ve been hosting this blog in virtual private server (VPS) for several months. As I mentioned in the post “Web Hosting Saga“, I won a free coupon and after moving all sites to Xen-based VPS, everything is working excellently, no downtime I’ve experienced.

FYI, a web hosting provider, Webbynode, is about to launch a new service targeting developers and startups who are looking for scalable VPS hosting for the next-big-thing ;) and this is a unique chance to get a free VPS plus many other benefits when the service opens to public.

The service is “not to provide a ‘host-in-a-box’ solution – but rather a totally custom web application to let you manage your “webbys” more efficiently, create clusters between them, move them between different data-center locations, and more.” And they are looking for beta testers who are:

  • People with Linux & Server Management experience
  • Interest in building Linux fail-over solutions using VPS.
  • Enough knowledge to make these “webbys” rock-and-roll!
  • Setup your own Hosting environment, and work with us in order to set you up with Failover and Cloud Storage services.

So, here are some benefits to be beta testers:

  • Get the 411 on our development progress!
  • Participate in contests where we will be giving away free Lifetime Memberships, and iPod giveaways!
  • Be part of a Community of developers & Linux enthusiasts
  • Access to our amazing Article Library
  • It’s FREE!
  • Receive 100% FREE VPS Service for the beta testing period, and up to 50% discounts when we go live.

If this sounds what you are looking for, just check out http://www.webbynode.com and drop your e-mail for reservation.

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