After a crisis of any type, chance is one can have valuable opportunity to look back oneself. Everyone would probably wonder his/her position is stable enough and, if really not, what is the reason? If one day, like all other days, your boss call you off for a friendly talk in which he tells you about the difficulties your company has been facing due to whatsoever happen any time. And, as you may smell, he fires you along with others. Upset, angry, low or depressed, yes, all bad feelings you can imagine however it is very likely that you must have done something wrong.

Like a person, a business model must go through the mill to prove if it is right or wrong. Talking about web 2.0, Tim pointed out the success of Google as the lighthouse for new area of web, yet, we should be aware of the fact that Google can always find out clear business model for development around search service and, with little luck (or no luck at all), the biz has become extremely thriving. Number of users is an important factor for Google’s success obviously but the way to make money from that number seems the utmost essential cause.

Day by day, we are hearing about startups kicking out one third or one forth of their staff, and even issuing guidelines for least-painful way to fire. Apparently, the least painful way is NOT to fire anyone who gets along with you when you started such dicey business although you can cut bonus off or lower salary to overcome hard times. Anyway, you can keep your company only when you have a good business model.

Web 2.0 as I saw on the beginning day was about small services which definitely have the way to make income and profit to avoid the fate of infamous “Web 1.0″ dot-coms. Inspired by the success of YouTube and other services which attract million of users but almost no revenue, the principle was soon broken. Venture capitalists smell new way to get huge return illustrated by extravagant vision of “user generated content” and “collective intelligence” defined somewhere on the steps of exciting economic acceleration.

And the downturn came suddenly (as always), now time for startups to weight opportunity to survive with left invested money. Cutting all costs, stopping unrelated projects and reducing work force may be not all the answer. It is urgent to get money from services you provide right now, unfortunately, not as easy as you may think before unless you understand the rule of business is for a positive P&L statement from the beginning.

Probably Mr. Berners-Lee has right point to see Web 2.0 like any type of web. From Wikipedia to emerging Twitter, FriendFeed, all should think of monetization in very “classic” way like the web is working now: pageview – ad – money. It’s about to get by on, not to be cool and unbeneficial now.

Well, only good news is I’m quite sure that there won’t be another dot-com bubble burst anytime soon.

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