If you are going to start a business, you may have some ideas of your biz name and logo. I have no advice for the name because it is your business, no? :) But you can try to create a logo by yourself with two cool online tools: one is completely free and the other costs around 100 bucks for true professional service.

Online Smart Logo Maker

This is an extremely easy-to-use tool. You’ll know what to do at the first look on its UI.

Smart Logo Maker UI

Just type your business name, select a logo sample and click “Create” button to go. I can say all logos it created for me look very attractive with trendy web 2.0 glossy style.

Smart Logo Maker Samples

One problem is I could not save images from browser and I had to manage to copy-and-paste them to my image editor. Anyway, you should give it a try before looking for a professional service.

Try Smart Logo Maker here – Updated: This link no longer works :(


LogoYes provides a Flash logo creator which guides you to create a logo in 5 steps.

+ Step 1: choose your image. My choice is “HIGH-TECH“.

LogoYes Choose Image

+ Step 2: Choose an Industry. I select “Technology + Science” industry.

LogoYes choose industry

+ Step 3: Choose a symbol. You can navigate through pages, select a category then choose the symbol you desire — there are hundreds of artful ones. I just pick a gear symbol under “Gears” category.

LogoYes Choose Symbol

+ Step 4: Enter business name and slogan (if any). You can select (cool) fonts for your texts here. See mine:

LogoYes Enter Texts

+ Step 5: Layout and colorize your logo. Now it’s time to tweak everything you want with your logo like changing size/color, rotating text/symbol etc. After a few clicks, my logo has got a look as what I like.

LogoYes Layout and Color

Finally, step 6 is to buy the logo you’ve created. With $69 US (current price), you will receive every logo file you need for printing and the Internet: a vector-based EPS file, a high-resolution JPG file, and a GIF file. Use the EPS for professionally printed materials, the JPG for laser printing, and a GIF and/or JPG for your website.

For additional $30, you can create business card based on the logo you’ve made — highly recommended for serious business — and receive 100 free printed cards (you will receive your business cards as high-resolution EPS, JPG and PDF files too). Look at my (fake) card below for example.

LogoYes Business card sample

Create Your Logo Now.


Creating logo with “Smart Logo Maker” is a fun but before working with “LogoYes” you must know what you want to do. I don’t think $99 US is costly in comparison with price from designers while you still have all professional materials for printing/publishing. In addition, LogoYes retains the copyright to the symbol you choose and you can trademark your logo. Sound good?

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