Kontera — in case you haven’t heard of it yet — offers advertisers and publishers in-text advertising solutions. After placing Kontera’s JavaScript in your code, their system will automatically create in-text ads all through your site (I know the network after reading this post by John Chow).

Ideally, the in-text ads should be created in post content instead of sidebar content or other places in my blog. In WordPress blog, Kontera’s system does pretty good job in detecting where main contents are but sometimes I see their ad links — double-underline links — in comment texts as well (that I dislike).

However, we can explicitly control what parts of our sites to display ContentLink ads by using “ad zone” div tag as follows.

<div class="KonaBody">
...Content we want ad links appear here...

Inspired by Google Ad Wrap plugin, I’ve created a WordPress plugin that can help wrapping Kontera’s ad zone tags around post content and/or comments easily.

Just download (link below), unzip and paste “kontera-ad-wrap” folder into plugin folder of your blog. Go to “Plugins” tab on admin panel and activate “Kontera Ad Warp” plugin. Done!

Kontera Ad Wrap WordPress Plugin Activation

You can select display ad links on post content (no?) and/or in comments in “Options -> Kontera Ad Warp” option panel (see picture).

Kontera Plugin Options

I’ll share my experience in creating a simple WP plugin for newbies like me :) in another post.

Download plugin from WordPress.org

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