Yahoo co-founder and CEO Jerry Yang showed glimpse into the future of Yahoo: “At Yahoo we want to be most essential starting point for your life,” and “take the complexity of the Web and simplify your life through very powerful technologies,” in his inaugural CES appearance.

Yang also showed that Yahoo Mail will serve as the hub, but open interface to third-party applications and include social context. Communication frequency and volume are basis to calculate the strength of contacts (or connections as his word) and based on that mail box will be updated to show the relevant rather than just being a static silo.


Image: Dan Farber, ZDNet

Dan Farber has a great review of Yang’s speech on ZDNet, if you want to read more.

Regardless of nice presentation, to me, the new Yahoo Mail is really a usability nightmare. Now if becoming a new type of Yahoo portal, I can guess it would be more sluggish and users just have more reasons to switch to GMail. (FYI, I‘m still using classic Yahoo Mail with a Firefox add-on to ajaxify it.)

Do you think Yahoo will be back in 2008?

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